> Alsóörs

A picturesque village on the slopes of Mount Somlyó on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, Alsóörs offers you a unique mix of breathtaking landscapes, open views over Lake Balaton, marvellous beaches, sumptuous culinary delights and a centuries-old winemaking tradition.

Alsóörs is the perfect destination for all who long for relaxing times in a homelike, yet elegant ambiance or wish to discover the manifold historical and cultural treasures of the Balaton plateau.

The scenery of Alsóörs is made up of traditional red brick farmhouses, ancient wine cellars with outstanding collections of whites, reds and rosés, the old church on the hillside dating back to the 13th century with architectural elements of the gothic and baroque styles, and the „Turkish House“ – a medieval assembly hall that regularly hosts exhibitions and concerts. Visitors from around the world enjoy the mild water of Lake Balaton ideal for beach vacations and boat tours, the beautiful walks along the waterfront, bike trips around Lake Balaton or horse riding excursions. At night, you can sample exquisite local fare offering a variety of tasty fish and venison specialties or international cuisine as well as sophisticated wine assortments in one of the many cosy restaurants and wine bars.

Based in Alsóörs, you will also have plenty of opportunities for exciting getaways to destinations across the Lake Balaton region, such as some of the wonderful seaside resorts like Balatonfüred (9 km/5.5 miles), Tihany (16 km/10 miles), Badacsony (50 km/31 miles) and Keszthely (70 km/43.5 miles), the world-famous Benedictine monastery of Pannonhalma (73 km/45 miles) or Herend (27 km/17 miles), the hometown of the renowned porcelain.

Come and simply enjoy!